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Unified Management Platform Brings Greater Visibility and Cloud Infrastructure Management Capability to Rackspace Users

June 15, 2011 - Smartscale today announced that it has expanded its Unified Management Platform to integrate with the Rackspace Cloud and has joined its Cloud Tools program. RackspaceĀ® (NYSE: RAX) is the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry.

Smartscale, a pioneer in cloud infrastructure management and governance, provides companies with a Unified Management Platform for rapidly deploying, managing and monitoring highly scalable public and private cloud environments. Smartscale technology is based on a "Software Defined Cloud" modeling approach that allows Rackspace customers to build their cloud from discreet and reusable software components and the relationships between them. These components and constructs can then be duplicated multiple times to create complex and robust cloud based systems in a fraction of the time it would take to provision each individual server, rack or pod.

Software Defined Cloud Modeling Approach Enables Greater Scaleability and Increased Productivity

"The Smartscale platform is unique in that it offers a broader level of visibility and manageability for large scale public or private clouds, "said Ray Nugent, CEO and Founder of Smartscale. "The Smartscale software defined cloud empowers users to build cloud constructs that can be reused by others, across popular public and private clouds allowing IT management to move beyond simple "on boarding" to true systems management. That rapid scaling is what's helps companies truely scale their cloud". Smartscale is excited to bring our unique solution to Rackspace, a leader in cloud innovation, via the Cloud Tools program." Smartscale uses a declarative modeling approach to define the building blocks of a cloud in software. For example a user can model a virtual switch and provision it with VLANs, add pre-provisioned servers to the VLANs and model the permissions and roles that can access them. The user can then save this composite construct in a library for later deployment or to share with other users. "Since Smartscale's platform makes it easier to manage IT workloads in the cloud ,we are pleased to have Smartscale add support for the Rackspace Cloud and join the Rackspace Cloud Tools program, our ecosystem of powerful software and cloud solution providers," said Nishan Sivathasan, director of corporate development for Rackspace.

Greater Drill Down Visibility Provides Management With On Demand Analyses and Business Critical Data in the Cloud

Smartscale helps CIOs and IT management leverage their cloud investment by offering multiple services delivery options (SaaS, On Premis, and Hybrid), flexibility options for deployment, and on demand analyses of critical cloud related data across the organization. The platform brings the familiar Network Operations Center (NOC) management paradigm to cloud infrastructure and transforms the cloud by integrating automation and collaboration into a highly scalable cloud management platform. Unlike many cloud management vendors, Smartscale lets IT management get the most out of the cloud by providing multi layered visibility into the entire cloud environment. Visibility into every layers of the cloud allows IT department heads to better address problems such as rogue cloud use, inefficient deployments, unrealized ROI, back office systems, and most importantly scalability.

About Smartscale

Smartscale is pioneering cloud infrastructure management through a unique approach to evaluating cloud usage and costs while providing security and scalability. Smartscale offers the cloud computing and infrastructure management platform to support the complex hybrid services delivery model of today's corporate IT departments. To learn more about how Smartscale can transform and manage your cloud environment, visit; email

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